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Sooo Malificent is going to be a recurring character on Ouat..



I can see her either fucking things up or taking shots of tequilia with Regina and playing magical pranks…

Why not both?


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I drank so much rum today, I think I turned my blood type “pirate.” 


well, now we know!

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Weddings are beautiful, but marriages between two people who’d take every opportunity they get to do whatever is necessary to be express their love are immaculate. 

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I drank so much rum today, I think I turned my blood type “pirate.” 

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emma swan meme: ten relationships

[2|10] David; the one who always listens to her; the one who always tries to understand and help her; the one who puts her happiness over his own.

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My friends and I have been spending our Labor Day drinking dark and stormies while contemplating how to make a homemade slip and slide.


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